Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

Project Description

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) started out with a small 10 user system in 2000 along with 6 capture station to handle what was then a small operation using FileNet IS/CS and a COLD solution from filenet at the time called Report Manager.  The implementation with the previous partner was very troubled and the system was not in use until EBLA took over in late 2001 and fully implemented the imaging/document management along with integrating it with the Report Manager module.

Over the years ADIB usage of the system have grown tremendously and went through a full upgrade and migration from IS/CS solution to P8 with IBM FileNet CFS (Content Federation Services) to utilize all the new features of P8 Content Management while maintaining the link to their Image Manager repository.

Currently ADIB has their own scanning center adding close to 100,000 images/day into the system and using IBM FileNet Capture along with EBLA-built document entry application on top of capture to ease the usage for the users and provide for integrations to enable auto indexing to speed up the process while providing extensive logging and reporting.

In 2014 after ADIB acquired portions of Barclays UAE business, EBLA implemented BPM where by around 300 users are using over 100 different services required by the entity utilizing IBM FileNet Case foundation.

This project was of high priority and along with EBLA implementation team, they were able to go live with less than 3 months.